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Mold Damage Restoration in Bremerton Homes

4/17/2024 (Permalink)

what to know about mold servpro poster When you spot mold in your Bremerton home, you know to call SERVPRO. "Like it never even happened."

Handling Mold Mitigation Behind Shower Walls

Bremerton homeowners need to be aware of the challenge of mold damage, particularly in areas susceptible to moisture, such as bathrooms. It can affect any residence, from the historic Coder-Coleman House to a newly built house. A common issue is mold growth behind shower walls, typically caused by slow leaks that go unnoticed over time. The persistent dampness creates an ideal mold environment. Mold issues are almost always a consequence of ongoing water damage. 

Identifying the Problem 

The first step in addressing mold behind shower walls in Bremerton with mold damage involves recognizing the signs. These signs can be subtle, but early detection is crucial to prevent extensive damage: 

  • Musty odors emanating from the shower area.
  • Loose tiles, peeling paint, or wallpaper.
  • Unexplained staining on the walls or ceiling.
  • Persistent moisture or dampness in wall materials indicates water damage from a potential slow leak.

Common Issues Caused by Mold 

Mold behind shower walls can lead to several problems if not addressed promptly: 

  • Expense: Mold-compromised items require replacement.
  • Structural damage: Prolonged mold exposure can weaken drywall and wooden supports.
  • Decreased property value: Ongoing mold issues can deter potential buyers and lower property values.

SERVPRO's Mold Remediation Approach 

SERVPRO® utilizes advanced techniques and equipment to address mold damage effectively in Bremerton. Their comprehensive process begins with an inspection and mold assessment, employing moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to target the source of the leak and assess the extent of mold infiltration. They implement mold containment strategies using physical barriers and maintaining negative air pressure environments to prevent the spread of mold spores during the mitigation. The cleanup process is completed by cleaning contents and belongings using ultrasonic cleaning tanks and ozone treatments, ensuring all items are thoroughly sanitized and mold-free.

Mold behind shower walls in Bremerton properties requires immediate and professional attention. SERVPRO of Kitsap County at (360) 373-1290 takes a comprehensive approach to mitigate mold and prevent future occurrences "Like it never even happened."